acelterv_termekek_4_00.jpg For simple lifting application we offer manual and machinery chain lifting devices, both with hook or moving mechanism.

acelterv_termekek_5_04.jpg We built tailor-made crane according to your special requests: starting with turning crane equipped with 80 kg chain-lifting tool, following with hanging and bridge crane, till the frame crane up to 400 t load.

acelterv_termekek_1_01.jpg Gantrail flexible rail fixing systems offer a professional solution with possibilities of altitudinal and lateral adjustment in installation of crane rail-runway, runway of high-storage buildings, and building of industrial runway.

acelterv_termekek_3_36.jpg You could handle crane , mobile hydraulic equipments, crabs etc. on a simply and easy way by the HBC-radiomatic radio remote control.

acelterv_termekek_48_01.jpg Wampfler propose more than 50 000 different solutions. With their wide range of power and data transfer products Wampfler offer a real, complete solution on that product market. The secret of their success is the standard module system, using these modules they could design any tailor-made solution based on the customer request. This modular system is result of research and development during decades. Their products are needed both in small and big projects.

acelterv_termekek_7_03.jpg We could supply small and big train-rail, crane-rail, trough Phoenix rail, rails with different profile according to European, American and Russian standard, with short delivery time.

acelterv_termekek_9_03.jpg We offer scoop clamshell to crane in different version. cable equipped, hydraulic, motor driven from 0,2 m3 up to 30 m3.

acelterv_termekek_10_01.jpg We offer the whole range of KAUP product for moving of containers in size 20’-40’.

acelterv_termekek_37_01.jpg Stop buffers, buffers made from rubbers of foaming plastic, hydraulic buffers. Wheel block, cable pulley.

acelterv_termekek_6_03.jpg Our wheels specially manufactured: die forged by 10,000 t press. Running surface and the edge is hardened in 10-15 mm deepness, with 450-500HB.
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