Lifting devices, cranes:
  • Engineering, certification procedure, expert verification
  • Engineering, manufacturing, assembling of new lifting systems
  • Rebuilding, converting of exiting steel construction, increasing the nominal load capacity
  • Rebuilding, updating of mechanical units
  • Rebuilding, updating of electrical units
  • Rebuilding, updating of drive units, and its control panel
  • Changing, adjustment of crane crab
  • Overhaul of cranes, planned maintenance, professional assembling

Crane runway and high-built storage system based on steel construction or reinforced concrete:
  • Engineering, building, and rebuilding
  • Change of runway rail

Representation of products, trading:
  • Flexible rail fixing systems
  • Crane wheels, crane hooks, crabs, clutches,
  • Crane-forceps, disc brakes, drum-brakes, brake pads, drive units
  • Lifting drums with chain or cable, crane units, crabs
  • Power supply systems, floating-cable systems, cable drums
  • Radio remote control systems
  • Hydraulic/ rubber bumpers
  • Train runway rails, crane runway rails
  • Crane-hook devices rotating electromechanically
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